Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 247. Fall Is Creeping In

Oh, red-hot summer.  She's still lounging around like she's in a hammock of endless days.  Summer has really been roasting us this past week, giving us a reminder that she's still in control, capable of making us miserable and forcing us to run into the nearest air-conditioned oasis of cool.

But, this chili pepper of a season is slowing being seduced by fall.  He's creeping in without our gal truly realizing she's losing her power.  He's a gentle fellow.  I've seen his presence at the tippy top of our neighbor's maple true.  Hidden among the green leaves, there he is--just a few leaves turning scarlet orange--already!  In August!  And I've spotted other tell-tale signs of his dalliances.  Buckeyes, still in their round, green casings, hitting the ground.  Crabapples and black walnuts beginning to fall to the earth, and an oversized catalpa leaf, golden bown, almost looking like a supple piece of leather.  There they all are, letting us know a change is near.

Keep burning bright, summer girl.  You're starting to fall into a deep nap...not quite yet...but soon.

 Fall creeping in on summer - soon, the world will be more brown than green.

So beautiful--leaf as leather.

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