Sunday, September 21, 2014


I've thought for some time that I would like to have a separate blog for spicier drawings.  Is that bad to admit?  I don't think so... I mean, sometimes I just want to express that arena.* All the great painters did it---how many times did Picasso draw naked men and women and the act of sex?  Uh, A LOT. I mean it's a part of being human, after all.  Why does it have to be twisted around into something forbidden?

Can you imagine me posting any drawings of said nature on Facebook?  No problem, there. ha!  I remember when I included in a blog post, a clip of Tom Cruise in the movie, "Rock of Ages."  Oh, my gosh, that movie got a PG-13 rating, people!  Anyway, some woman wrote that she would not tolerate pornography and promptly de-friended me.  Just so you can check it out, here's the link to the post that caused THAT ruckus (see last film clip there)!  Feeling Awful? Have a Falafel.

Here's a tame painting of lust, just to keep on everyone's good side. (-;

 Oil, acrylic, pastel and ink on handmade Italian paper

*(Just a quick aside here--Does anyone remember Anne Rice who wrote the "The Vampire Chronicles" series?  (You know the Vampire Lestat?) She wrote, under the pseudonym A.N. Roquelaure--and other novels under Anne Rampling--the "Sleeping Beauty Trilogy" about BDSM--I mean, THOSE were the ORIGINAL "50 Shades of Grey."  Just giving you yet another example of someone else who had to unleash a little spice, too. (-;


  1. I love this, for some reason he looks french to me. But maybe that is just because I am watching Julie and Julia. I do not think it is bad to admit, and I am sure there are a lot of people who agree. ;)

    1. Thank you, Sheila. (-: I actually spent quite awhile on this, adding layer on top of layer. The texture of it in the end after all the paint manipulation actually makes it feel and act like a piece of cloth. I'm glad he looks French to you! And you know, I love that movie "Julie and Julie" and often let it run off of Amazon Prime while I work (although sometimes I just skip forward to the Julia parts (-; - ha!) Thank you for your comments and agreement that others may be feeling the same. (-: Hope you slept well, Sheila...I see we were both up until about 2 a.m. livin' the night life.