Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ben Harper Inspired

Inspired by the cool style of Ben Harper.  A little collage and mixed media to honor him.

Here's a slice of gentle groove for this chilly evening.
Ben Harper - from the album, "Welcome to the Modern World"
"The Three of Us"


  1. You are so awesome at faces... the emotion in this... WOW! And I have played the video three times already, AND shared it with friends. Thanks for including it :) Awesome nose here too, I fail at noses. OK, one more video play... or two...

    1. Thank you, Sheila!! I am obsessed with faces...I just can't stop drawing them. Really it's all I want to draw. I want to dive into people's spirits through their faces and get to know who they truly are. That must be where my obsession comes from. Yes, it is a beautiful, beautiful clip of music, isn't it? I find myself doing the same...playing it over and over again. Thank you so much for the share as well. I really appreciate it. (-: