Sunday, September 14, 2014

She Could Go Anywhere - Tattoo Style

My friend Cassie Deason has bought many of my creations.  She "gets where I'm coming from," you might say.  Anyway, here's one that she bought while she viewed my posts on a visit to Seattle.  It's from August 19th 2013, called "She Could Go Anywhere."  I'm pasting my original blog post below.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 229. She Could Go Anywhere

Yes, she had a pasty, pallid face that glowed in the dark and dishwater brown hair that had never known a highlight in the sun. Yet lying on her floor with a book in front of her, she could be anyone, go anywhere, breathe in adventure, love, and fantasy at any moment.  Why, she had traveled to places unknown to those around her.  She was...content.

Cassie now lives near Seattle, and she just took the bold step to get a tattoo of this painting on her thigh. How honored I am!  My original is more murky and dreamlike whereas the tattoo is brighter and more colorful.  Here you go...thanks again, Cassie!

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