Tuesday, September 9, 2014

She Only Wanted to Eat Scrambled Eggs Revisited

I originally finished this painting on October 19th of last year, but I never was quite satisfied with her.  It came out of a scrambled egg eating binge I was on, and I thought I'd make a painting out of that.

I've revisited her with a lot of oil stick, along with dots, ink, acrylic, and a nice, shiny, sunny-side up egg atop her peacock-feather fascinator.  I feel much better about her now.  I may add one more thing...ha!

By the way, I never wrote about this before, but the peacock feathers came from a pillbox hat another artist had traded me for at an art fair.  She had wanted one of my paintings so we exchanged. Unfortunately, my sweet destructive beagle, Ebert, got a hold of the netted hat and torn it open.
What was I to do?  When destruction reigns, I turn it into art supplies. (-;

  16" x 20" Oil Stick, Acrylic, Ink, peacock feathers, beads, scrambled eggs, and another egg sunny-side up

It's hard to see, but the teal paint is full of sparkles!

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