Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dreams of Tea and Singing (No Longer Available)

One of my co-workers and friend, Connie, wants to open a tea and wellness center.  She also happens to be a fantastic singer!  Well, today at work, she belted out a few verses of the Stones', "Angie."

Cue the post-it note:  I had to draw up my vision of her, working at her tea shop, singing a song whenever the mood would strike her.  I also included another co-worker/friend, Lynn in the picture.  Lynn has a wonderful, square jawline, likes to wear skirts and ride her bike.  That's her, circling around singing Connie.  (This is just how my mind works).  I'm in there, too, for encouragement, along with a random tea-guzzling customer.  I think she should call her place the Cosmic Cafe or Coffee, Tea or Me. ha!

If anyone wants to go into business with Connie and make her dreams come true--or hire her as the lead singer of a rock band--let me know, and I'll put 'ya together.  Let the dreams begin!  (-;

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