Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 153. This Is One Crazy Party (SOLD)

I'm thinking I may be getting too old for certain things.  Outdoor concerts in 6 inches deep of mud is probably one of them.  Mind you, outdoor concerts still qualify--just not with mud!

My friends, Misty and Ashley, and I went to "Summer Camp" yesterday.  My main goal was to see the Avett Brothers, but with multiple stages and over 100 bands, you've got a lot of music to soak up.  Um, soak-ED being the operative word!  Unfortunately, this year's fest was dumped on with rain and mud or as one kid said to us, "100% chance of mud."

Other random quotes:

Overheard from inside a tent: "I've puked so much, I have nothing left to puke."
Kid walking by:  "I only have one pair of dry pants left."
Tow truck driver:  "I'm really worried--there's no way those cars are going to be able to get out of there."

Ah, memories.  I remember living through times like these in my 20's.  Alpine Valley (outdoor concert venue in Elkhorn, WI--about 1 1/2 hr. from O'Hare) always seemed to be a spot for rain.  My friend Shelley and I were soaked when we went to see Guns 'n' Roses as were an old roommate and I when we went to see Living Colour and The Rolling Stones.  Two hours minimum to get out of the parking lot and spinning tires in mud were just met with a shrug of our young shoulders back then.  C'est la vie.

Now, however, I've paid my muddy dues.  I think of Anthony Bourdain, always wearing cowboy boots and a leather coat (I'll never give up my cowboy boots), but suddenly with maturing age, understanding the joy and elegance of having a pair of bespoke Italian loafers made for his feet only.

Life is all about living and having experiences, I believe that.  But in regards to musical locales in my advancing age, I think I'll take either sunny skies or floors coated with sticky beer underneath my feet over thick, cement-like soil. (-;

"This in one crazy party."  
"Tell me about it!"

 The Avett Brothers at the Sunshine Stage:

Blast from the past:  Living Colour - "Cult of Personality"  I loved this album - great cover art, too.

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