Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Director Takes Three - 1 of 100

Director Takes Three

I decided I would do the 100 Day Project (I'm doing drawings on paper), but I really considered not mentioning it.  After I did that 365-day project in 2013 of a painting or drawing (and blogpost) every day for a year, I am hesitant to commit to such a thing ever again.  I have been going through a large spurt/large output of art recently, and I wish I had saved them all for this 100 Day Goal, because already, I feel like all my ideas are drying up after I typed "100 Day Project."  Eh, I'll see what happens. I thought about doing a dessert a day, but that will be quite expensive--both to the pocket book and to the waist!

For now, I have this fellow.  I'll see if other drawings are willing to come through my mind and out through my fingers.

Good night, I am off to bed!

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