Monday, April 18, 2016

Early Morning Toe Toucher

I worked on this fellow for quite some time.  I can relate to him!  I am naturally a night owl and if at all possible I'd like to lead my life that way.  Picasso preferred working at night and liked artificial light better than natural light.  Isn't that wild?  There's something so peaceful at night, when you're lost in your own world.

However, my job requires that I am there during the day so I try, try, try to be a good morning person.  If I had my way, as I've written many times before, I would just be Queen of the night! (-;

Acrylic, Oil, Enamel, Ink on Board

Here's a shot of our younger Magnolia tree during Sunday's sunset.  I love those Magnolia trees, dressed in frilly purple and pink, floating on the air.

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