Saturday, April 30, 2016

Day 13 - Kim Goes Shopping

I need to work a day ahead here, so following is something in advance for Sunday.  I'm not even sure how I arrived at this, but since Kim Kardashian West is everywhere, how could I not have her pop up in my artwork?  I happen to be, just like Jennifer Lawrence, a fan of the Kardashians.  To me it seems they work quite hard and they are beautiful chiquitas, you must admit!

I know they live a glamorous life, but can you imagine the constant vigilance it would take to always monitor what you look like and have to be followed by paparazzi?  Better they have the life than I.  I like the freedom to move anonymously and freely.

I just read a quote by David Bowie today from an interview he had with Tracy Emin.  It was originally from The Guardian, although I ran across an excerpt of it in Artnet News.

TE: Did you always want fame? Is it something you'd wish on your children?
DB: I certainly fancied my own spoonful of it when I was young. I was more than downcast to find that fame brought nothing more than good seats in a restaurant. There is nothing there to covet. The nature of fame seems to have shifted recently. I understand that it doesn't even get you a Madonna ticket these days. So I won't be recommending it to my offspring. Having influence is more rewarding for feeding ego. Satisfaction and excitement with one's work is the biggest buzz, though.
Click here for that full interview in The Guardian.
Back to Kim Kardashian West--here she is in full shopping mode according to my interpretation.

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