Saturday, April 30, 2016

Prince Rogers Nelson's entire 1999 CNN interview (La...

Well, at the risk of scaring people away from me, I will risk it.  This day and age, news becomes old news very quickly.  But I seem incapable of expressing how much Prince, his music, his life...and now death...has affected me.  I understand that people start getting tired of hearing about the same thing, but since it's my blog, and even if I end up being the only reader, I want to still share that which inspires me and which I hope might inspire you.

Small clips of this interview were played last Thursday, 4/21/16, on CNN, but the full interview is so worth watching.  Only 36 minutes with no commercials, I hope you will gather strength for your own journey from it.

I love when he's says:

  • "I don't worry about too much" and
  • how he looked at Stevie Wonder as inspiration for "Stevie's connection to the spirit" and
  • how he says he doesn't look back and by not doing so, he says he thinks it helps keep you young, and
  • when he talks about his love of living in Spain where people just chill and "regroup and think about life" and how we need to do that in the U.S.

Creativity abounds in quiet moments, that's no joke. (my words not his)

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