Sunday, April 10, 2016

HBO's Vinyl and Chris Cornell

Have all of you been watching HBO's series, "Vinyl"?  Produced by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger (you all know that the Rolling Stones are my favorite group of all, all, all time, right?), it's a snapshot of the changing music world around 1973.  Tonight is episode 9 - only one more episode left.  SOB!  You can watch it all on HBO Demand, if you have it, and also HERE on the HBO Vinyl home page. There have been a few lagging moments, but truly, it has been a great journey through that time period with flashbacks to Neko, Lou Reed, Bo Diddley, etc.  You get imaginary run-ins with John Lennon, Andy Warhol, the New York Dolls, etc.

Anyway, tonight in the closing credits they featured a song ("Stay with Me") by Chris Cornell.  I've seen Chris once with Soundgarden and 4 times solo.  Hopefully when I see him again this summer, he'll be singing this one...and HBO will be putting him on a soundtrack for the series.  I think I read that he will be on an EP, but I also saw a listing for Volume 1 of a soundtrack and did not see his name listed.  I will pursue this conundrum further, peeps, for those of you who care. (-;

I have a love of music that makes life worth living! ha!  Perhaps you will then understand my ramblings of excitement here.  I wish the "Vinyl" series could go on forever...

Check it out for yourselves.

By the way, Bette Midler originally sang this song in the Janis Joplin biopic, "The Rose."  I love both versions.  Chris is the king of reinventing these older songs (the best was Michael Jackson's, "Billie Jean" in my humble opinion--but "I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston/Dolly Parton) was really good).

Bette Midler "Stay with Me"

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