Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 68. Hairstyle Repeat and a Golden Barrette

If you remember on Day 62 ("Idle hands Plus Scissors Equals Disaster"), I chopped off my bangs.  They are a little crazy looking, let me tell you.  I have tried to convince myself that they have a "mod" look to them, and besides, everyone is getting the heavy bang look right now.  However, as I was driving along in my bug, I looked up into the rearview mirror, and suddenly I had a horrible realization.  I have the exact same hairstyle that I had in my 4th grade school picture.  The one with me wearing a little jumper with an apple appliqued on the front (made by my mom).  OMG, my face is aging, yet my hair is regressing.  Will I ultimately be 85 years old with a pixie haircut circa age 2?!  Will I only have a partial "Benjamin Button" experience?

Contemplating those old school pictures and my creativity with my hair, I must tell you this little story.  In 2nd grade, again in a cute little number sewn by the madre, I headed off to school with a headful of Shirley Temple banana curls.  My mom was a beautician and had painstakingly rolled up my hair the night before --does anyone remember those pink spongy baby curlers with a plastic clip--so I would look all adorable.  And I did.  Cute as a little curly-headed dumpling.  We were all standing in line in the hallway, waiting for our turn to be called into the little room to get our picture taken.  I started to get impatient.  Those curls kept falling into my eyes, and they were driving me CRAZY.  I pushed them out of my eyes one final time, and then I took a big plastic yellow barrette out of my pocket--why did I have it--and shoved it smack dab into the middle of my forehead.  Ah, finally relief!  With that, my name was called, and I happily sat down and got snapped.

My mom, of course, had no idea of this transpiring.  That is, until a month later when we got our little packets of pictures, and I took them home.  Listen, my mom was not happy to say the least (she laughs now)!   Oh well, I always have been a little impulsive--with hair and otherwise. (-; 

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