Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 95. How NOT to Do a Smoky Eye

Today was my friend, Carey Burns', book signing at the independent bookstore, The Book Mouse.  I happened to be there, because I did the cover illustration.  You can purchase her book on either in paperback format, here:

or on Kindle, here:

So, on my way over, I applied a little black eyeshadow for that sultry artist look.  Um, do you know how hard it is to apply black eyeshadow rapidly behind your glass frames?  And also, you end up innocently thinking that when you can't find your black eyeliner, it's o.k..  You can just rim your eyes with the black eyeshadow.  And then it's on your cheek and the side of your nose, and you can only find a little corner of a napkin to dab at the shadow, and well, what you end up with is a step-by-step guide on how to NOT  do a smoky eye!

Carey is the ravishing brunette!

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