Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 67. Ode to Rick Tulka (Not Available)

Right up front, people, this is not an original, but rather drawing practice.  This is my copy of Rick Tulka's drawing.  What you see below is my version, which I just drew on 14" x 17" Bristol Vellum paper with vine charcoal while staring at his original.  My only addition is coloration with gouache and additional lines in the sweater.  I still figure it's a drawing a day and a tribute to one of my idols.


  1. I don't care whether it's a drawing practice or not. I LOVE HER. It looks like she's contemplating new beginnings. And for the record, she doesn't look like you at all.

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    2. Hey Teresa--my husband pointed out that the way I had the post worded, it sounded like the drawing was of ME looking at Rick Tulka's painting. No wonder you said it didn't look like me--I didn't quite get your comment myself, but I understand why now. I reworded my post. It's not me. It's Rick's drawing and I drew an enlarged version of it. Hope that clarifies. (-: