Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 83. "Take It All Off"-Project Runway Style - No longer Available

Did anyone catch last week's episode of Project Runway (3/14/13), episode 8?  This season is all "team" challenges, and in this episode, the 2 teams had to design clothes for an Australian Male Dance Revue.  Think Chippendales, but way hotter.  Anyway, Heidi was cooooooooooooooooool as a hothouse cucumber when dealing with these guys, while stern Nina was reduced to a school girl gigglebox!  Quite the revelation!

The judges absolutely hated the "tear-away" clothes so much, that Heidi declared there was no winner, and that the best part of the show was when the clothes were off.  Uh, huh, Heidi.  I think if they were wearing Chanel Haute Couture, you'd still prefer the clothes off. (-;  (I'm with you, chica!)

Click here for a 3 minute overview of this episode--be patient as it loads:

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