Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 79. Punk and Graffiti -SOLD

This painting is my celebration of visual and tactile texture.

Ever impatient to begin painting if I'm ready for it, I rarely reach for an artist paint palette to squirt paint on or into; rather, I grab whatever is handy. And, let me be honest--I don't know where the heck those plastic palettes are located in this crazy room. )-:

For quite awhile last summer, my palette of choice was the cover of a school-produced fiction magazine. It was heavy enough to take the multiple layers I was constantly adding to it.  Eventually those layers built up into something quite interesting--a stalagmite created by moi!  The coagulated mess appealed to my eye, the bumpy paint splatters revolting and appealing in their toady aberration.  I just couldn't throw that cover away--there had to be some way I could use it!

Eight months later, along came Mr. Punkster.  I added molding paste to the canvas to give the perception of a rough, crumbling wall.  Then, I tore and peeled the dried layers of paint from the cover--along with some sketches and words I doodled on said cover--and wrapped, bent, folded these pieces over the canvas.

I just love the way my urban guy and his environment turned out. (-:

How it began:

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