Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 200. Un Cadeau Pour Moi? (A Gift for Me?)

Day 200.  Hard to believe.  Somehow reaching this day has more significance to me than that halfway point (Day 183-Six Months)  You may be thinking, uh, no doubt--you're 17 days further along!  I know, but there's something more.

I had read about some study that said that you are 10 times more likely to complete a year-long project once you hit that 1/2 way point.  Somehow that rounded number of 200 makes that probability believable.  See, I have to keep reassuring myself along the way that it IS possible, because even after this long period of time, I still need encouragement--I guess even if it's just from myself!--that I can do this.  Other than a small handful of people, I think I'm the only one seeing these drawings/paintings. Ah, well, so it goes.

So, here's a little acknowledgement from myself to myself--you've reached 200, baby.  Here's a gift for you--Un cadeau pour moi?  Mais bien sûr! (But of course!)

I hope all of you acknowledge your own hard work on whatever it is you're working on.  Life is hard, darlings.  Love yourself a little bit more. (-:

Here's one more gift for you, loyal readers.  This little ditty will wake you up!  Enjoy and have a great day. (-:

AC/DC and the Rolling Stones--2003, "Rock Me Baby--from Festweise, Leipzig, Germany."

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