Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 215. He Was A Slow-Talking Cowboy (SOLD)

This painting was inspired by my facebook friend, Conversationally Crafty.  One day in June she posted this beauty:

"He was a slow-talking cowboy in a Taco Bell uniform
who told me my order was made with love and joy."
Oh!  I loved it so.  She gave me permission to use and illustrate it.  I added the little "saucy" exchange between the pretty patron and charismatic cowboy. (-;
Conversationally Crafty, in her own words says, "I tend to be a bit poetic at times.  I write a lot of business-related copy, articles, etc."  She comes up with some wonderfully insightful posts.  Thank you, CC.  You are a beautiful writer. (-:

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