Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 196. To See in Many Ways

This oil painting may be one of my all-time favorites.  I usually paint in acrylic or watercolor, but I also have some creamy oil paints, and again, because I had the leisure time over the holiday weekend, I was able to take my time and build this painting up.  I guess 10% is acrylic.  I smeared watered-down acrylic on the canvas and twirled the canvas around a few times and then stared into it.  To me, I could see eyes looking peering back at me so that's the direction I went in.

I took these pictures this a.m.  I think that the daylight did not do this painting a favor--I just don't think the rich colors of the oil paint are truly reflected here (does this get me off the hook for being a bad photographer-ha!).  I took the last image at a different angle/light.  You can also see how the oil paint is still wet.

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