Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 206. Mother and Child in Bronze (No longer available)

One of the perks of my job is that throughout every week, I get to see young moms and their beautiful babies.  This past Wednesday, a very pretty girl came in with her adorable 7-month-old.   I asked what the baby's name was, and she told me Joonie. (Could have been Junie, Juni, etc., I didn't ask for the spelling...)

Anyway, this little cutie pie was full of smiles and big brown eyes.  What completely disarmed me, though, was the way she would smile, smile, smile at you and then she would push her little neck back and over to the side and look up at you again and smile.  Oh my gosh!  I mean, it was the sweetest thing I've ever seen, and she did it over and over again.  Where was my camera?!

The mom had to go to another department so I personally escorted her over to it with the added intention of sharing this little bundle of joy to some of my co-workers.  As luck would have it, my accompaniment paid off in spades as I got to hold this little charmer while her mom filled out a form.  She looked up at me and then buried her soft, downy head into my chest and then looked up at me again.  It's a good thing this bambino wasn't mine, because I think I would bankrupt my life spoiling her! (-;

Oh!  There's so many sweet little pumpkins around.  I have co-workers who have beautiful, model-like children, and my friend Lynn who shares daily pictures (at my pleading) of her niece, Bella, a sweet, dimple-filled, fashionista with headband accessories that would make any Philip Treacy (glorious Irish milliner) fan envious! (Just an aside, back in April he declared that "Fascinators"--his claim to fame--are "dead."  I'm waiting for his retraction--probably too much Guinness proceeded that statement. (-;)

Here's a little tribute to you beautiful mothers and your sweet babies.  Thank you for sharing them with the world (and me). (-:


Philip Treacy creations

Philip Treacy was the creator of Princess Beatrice's royal wedding hat, which raised £81, 101 for children's charity Unicef yesterday.

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