Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 217. They're Real and They're Spectacular (SOLD)

Vanessa knew that her curvaceous body had power over men.  Maybe some would see that admission as a bad thing, but then she thought of those beauties of the big and small screen--Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth, Monica Bellucci*, Christina Hendricks, Sophia Vergara and yes, even Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian.  On some level (and perhaps on many), they enjoyed and luxuriated in their overdeveloped God-given curves.  If they could, why couldn't she?  She would celebrate herself and be proud of her body.

With that thought, Vanessa dressed carefully for the evening, wearing just the right gown.  And when the time was right, she positioned herself underneath a sparkling, pink chandelier, letting its soft light shimmer onto her skin.  She had picked her prey for the evening, and when he leaned in and boldly asked, "Are they real?"  She laughed seductively, briefly recalling Teri Hatcher in a Seinfeld episode, and said, "They're real, and they're spectacular."

Teri Hatcher in "Seinfeld"

*See Monica Bellucci in the French film "How Much Do You Love Me" ("Combien Tu M'Aime?) for the best explanation of what I'm trying to convey--9:15 to 12:00.   I'd put in a YouTube link, but it's a little too spicy. (-;

Bellucci: "It's only natural. All men love me.  That's what I was made for, to be loved.  All I have to do is move a little."

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