Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 66. Cowboy Boots - Old Gringo Style (SOLD)

I love cowboy boots.  You put on a pair of worn-in cowboy boots, and your feet just take on a confident gait of comfort.  I'd rather wear cowboy boots over a pair of heels any day!  In college, I had a great palomino pair of Nine West boots that I wore so much, I had to get them resoled twice.  Luckily I was in Austin at the time, the land of boots and repair.  Poor little beauties, I wore those babies into the ground!

Nowadays, my very favorite brand of cowboy boots is Old Gringo.  They are pricey, baby, which is why you have to hunt and hunt and hunt for them to get a bargain--and when they're gone, they're gone.  Here's a pair I wished I could have gotten:  the cross boot--does it say "the Old West" or what?  I do have a great pair, however; if you take a look at these babies, you can tell I've been wearing them for years.

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