Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 271. It Was A Spirograph Summer

Well, peeps, I'm typing this at 1:02 p.m., and according to "The Old Farmer's Almanac" that means it's STILL summer until 3:44 p.m. CST.  And what a beautiful summer it has been.  There were a few scorchers (unlike last year when it was ALL a scorcher) and a humdinger of humidity last Thurdsay night (ugh), but overall, this was a summer snatched from my childhood.  Beautiful breezes, upper 70s °F (25 °C) and low to middle 80s °F (30 °C), frequent low humidity (unheard of in IL)--it was paradise!

Because it was so beautiful out, I let Ebert's quivering nose guide us around and around and around in a local park, not caring that we were lingering forever in approxiamately the same 20 foot circle.  I thought, it's as if I'm in a perpetual spirograph with him following the scent of squirrels and rabbits and birds that had frolicked here before him.  It was o.k., though.  I stared up at the deep blue sky, felt the breezes on my skin, smelled the fresh-cut grass, and let the earth's green seep into me as my feet followed an oval path of infinity.

I was so fascinated by Spirograph in my youth!  All those endless patterns and swirls you could make, all as varied as someone's fingerprints.  Do you remember it?

Did you ever have a Spirograph

Lordie, here's some Kenner Spirograph commercials from the '70's--they're just so GROOVY I couldn't decide which one to include--so here's two.  Hilarious!  O.K. now back out to this beautiful weather.  I hope you had a wonderful summer, and I wish you an equally fabulous fall. (-:



I also loved Lite-Brite, Monopoly, Life, Rummy and Operation growing up, but that's another story. (-;

P.S.  It's rare that I sketch things out anymore.  I usually just start painting on the canvas, but for this one, I wasn't quite sure how to go about it.  I actually first thought of this back in June (June 14th to be exact--on the first heavenly spirograph day), but put off doing until the last possible moment of summer for some reason.  Here it is.

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