Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 279. Enlightenment at the Stoplight SOLD

Who knows what it was.  Penelope had sat at this same stoplight hundreds of times.  For whatever reason--the temperature, the song on the radio, or maybe the piece of dust that made her rub her eye, blurring her vision momentarily and then clearing it--she had a revelation.   She could finally see what those three lights were telling her.

The most definite command to "Stop."

Then, the hazy glow of yellow saying, "Caution--slow down."

She felt a shift inside herself.  She gazed upward, her mouth dropped open in realization.  Her life didn't have to go this way anymore.  She didn't have to go this way anymore.

And then, a surge of fire grew within her as she said to herself, "Go."

Acrylic, ink, oil

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