Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 272. Interactive Portrait

In the spirit of the world's obsession with reality t.v., I invite you to participate in figuring out what is occurring in this painting.  Is our subject:

1)  Finding it hard to wake up?
2)  Performing a form of interpretive, modern dance?
3)  Shielding her eyes at her uneven make-up application?
4)  Looking at the mustard stain on the back of her strapless gown?
5)  Realizing that her new deodorant is sorely amiss?

 Aha! ha! ha!  I could create a story for each, but I'll let you do that, dear, interactive reader.  

Maybe this will help.  Here's the music I was listening to while I drew and painted:

1) Jack White:  "Love Interruption" in honor of that 22-year-old/Pittsburgh Apple employee/fabulously wonderful nerdy-glass wearing/last singer on "The Voice" tonight.  Loved him!  What!  Yes, it's true--I was watching reality t.v.  And you know what?  I just want to be outside at this concert, smelling someone's exhaled cigarette smoke, or some kind of smoke, on the cold air.  (-;

Roskilde 2012

And this:

2) Amy Winehouse:  "Valerie"  Live


  1. I love your uniqueness, Jill Hejl! You are so talented and have so much spirit!

    1. Aw, Sheri! Thank you, babycakes! (-; What the h-e-double-toothpick am I doing stuck behind that desk? ha! ha! I know, entertaining the troops and leading them to their future...I must remind myself...someday my ship will come in, I can freely be my wild self, and I will be painting portraits for rock stars...I JUST KNOW it! ha! (-;