Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 276. Blueberry Cafe

Each morning he said, "I love blueberries."

She said, "Nobody loves blueberries that much."

He said, "You add sparkle to my day."

She said, "You're just seeing the glitter in the formica."

He said, "This place has the most eclectic style."

She said, "This place has a schizophrenic style, and if it weren't for the same blueberry ingredient in all the dishes, nothing here would be the same."

But she was wrong, because he was the same and she was the same.  
 He, ever yearning for this blueberry-tinged damsel; she, ever yearning for true-blue love from a rich romeo never stopping by this sticky joint.

Acrylic and Ink

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