Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day 277. El Encierro - What A Bull Thinks

My internet connection went down today.  I was typing something and off everything went.  Terror ripped through me--no internet access, not again?!  Ah, we are so spoiled.  So while I called my IP, I grabbed a canvas that I had previously painted metallic red days before.

Why the running of the bulls?  It's not really the time of year for it.  It was the metallic, red color that brought it to mind.  I was just thinking, red equals blood equals people getting gouged by a bull in Spain, plus some beautiful, metallic matador's capote (jacket) floating through the air.  Back in July, I had read about some dude from Ohio who experienced a "rectal perforation" this year--actually several people really got it--23 injuries!  Ouch! Ah, here's the link for more information if you dare:

Maybe I am totally lame.  Yes, I'm sure that's true.  But I'll tell you what, I have COMPLETE respect for the indiscriminate whims of Mother Nature and animals.  I don't try to outsmart them, and I know my capabilities.  I am not a tri-athlete (or any kind of athlete!) nor a "bull-whisperer" so therefore you will never see me risking rear-end, entrail-tearing events such as that stated above and shown below!  Then I thought, can you imagine what the bull thinks?  "You idiots!  And then you'll be mad at me for hurting you."  I think they must be simultaneously angry and weary of it all at the same time!  O.K., so that's where this one started from...all triggered from the metallic, red color, my being on hold for 45 minutes, and my meandering mind. (-;

And here's how the bull thinks: 

"On this day, it's the same thing. The "running of the bulls" occurs in San Fermín and I, because I am a bull, try to kill people.  Don't blame me, it's my nature!  Fools!"

"En este día es todo lo mismo. "El Encierro" occure en San Fermín y yo, porque soy un toro, trato de morir las personas.  No me culpo por eso, es mi naturaleza.  ¡Los tontos!"

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