Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day 319. My Baby Is A Piece of Fruit (Not Available)

Do you know of those websites that coorelate the size of your baby to a piece of fruit or a vegetable?  Really, I think it's quite ingenious.  You start out realizing your little one is the size of an apple seed, eventually becomes an artichoke, and then ends up a watermelon, or so I hear it feels that way when you're giving birth!

Here's a little conversation my friends, first-time mother-to-be and grandmother-to-be, Lacey and Cindy, had with each other.  I wanted to give Lacey some U of I colors--good ol' fightin' Illini orange and blue--before she heads off to the west coast and resumes being a California girl!

 Before painting:

With fram at the shower:

Today was Lacey's baby shower.  Here's a few shots of this sexy little mama.  I think all expectant moms should wear mini-dresses and boots--so cute!

Here's Grandma Cindy:

 The cake:

 Look at these cute fashionistas in the making!

More pics are on my Facebook page. (-:

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