Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day 327. Global Storms Breaking Us

The weather is violent in the Midwest today.  We've had tornadoes 60 miles on either side of us, but have managed to only suffer heavy hail, downed limbs, and flying roof shingles.  So many homes and neighborhoods nearby have been flattened.  Even walking out a few minutes ago, hours after the worst has past, the winds are frightening.

Then, I think about the devastation experienced by people in the Philippines by Typhoon Haiyan.  I have been weighing in my mind for days on how I could pay some sort of respect to their suffering by means of a painting.  Today with the house windows shuttering madly, Mother Nature indiscriminately changing lives and abodes in mere moments, I am struck once again of how we are all preciously and precariously linked across the globe.

Here's my good friend, Don's house, after the tornado went through today.  Thank goodness he was at work when it happened.

Here's an absolutely unbelievable video of the tornado, with audio, of it coming, hitting a house, and going: 

Here's another helicopter shot--2 min. long showing 100's of homes in piles of splinters-just mind-blowing:

UPDATE 1/4/15:
Here's Don Keeley in the paper again, this time approximately 14 months later, FINALLY back into a new home at the same address, vinyl collection in tow;

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