Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 323. Practice Up That Snowball Windup Pitch

Oh, it's been so cold the last few nights.  I know it will be warming up over the rest of the week...a balmy 63 degrees by Sunday.  But last night it was only19 degrees and tonight is cold, too!  Those chilly winds got me thinking, better practice up on that snowball windup pitch.  The big winter game is coming!


  1. Oh, to feel some cooler weather! It was 96 here today...crazy hot. I'm hoping it cools down considerably this weekend for my daughter's wedding. Snowball fights and snowmen too...very fun. Let the games begin!!!

  2. Ha! ha! Thank you, Patty! I can't even imagine. I'm sitting in my house, cold right now! Next Monday we have low 20's for a high...Midwest winter is starting. Even if I sent some snow your way it sounds like it would go up in a hot sizzle! ha! (-; Congratulations on your daughter's upcoming wedding! That's wonderful! I will definitely visualize some cool breezes for her beautiful day!