Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 321. Bang Bang Ax Man - If I Could Clone Myself

If I could have myself as my own BFF, I don't mean metaphorically or figuratively, I mean physically clone myself with my same personality, I think I would have quite a bit of fun.  For example, here's how a conversation today would have went:

Jill2:  Hey, I liked your drawing of Jack Lawrence from the Raconteurs yesterday (Day 320), but more importantly, OMG, that song!

Jill1:  I know, wasn't that performance phenomenal?  I try to get people to the blog to read the words and watch the video, but I know they're busy.  Not too many want to click that link.  STILL...I wish I could get brilliant musical performances out to people.  I love music SO much, I want to share it with everyone.

Jill2:  I know what you mean--like those opening chords of Brendan Benson.  Sooo moving.  And what about those arms?

Jill1:  Oh, Jill!  I'm so glad I know you, because I was thinking I'm the only one who notices those things.  The well-developed veins on a life-long ax-man.  I mean, sooooo sexy!  They remind me, nevermind.

Jill2:  Oh, honeychild.  I know exactly what you mean!

Jill1:  You do?

Jill2:  Mmm, hmmm. (-; (-;

Jills giggling together.

Jill2:  Oh my gosh.  What are we...12?

Jill1:  Oh, WHO CARES!  We're just appreciating the beauty of the man.

Jill2: Or rather, a man playing lead guitar with powerful, kaleidoscopic arms.

Jill1:  Yes!  The capability and mastery that lies within!  Anyway, people think I'm nuts already.  Besides, I'm just sharing this with you.

Jill2:  Well, I'm right there with ya'!  Yeah, don't put it out there for the whole world to see!

Jill1:  Yeah, but you know, as an artist, I want to be as truthful as possible.  I may have to do it.

Jill2:  Well, if you do, then post that video again.  Maybe you'll catch a few more people and share the beauty.

Jill1:  My thoughts exactly.  If only they'll read through our long dialog.

Jill2:  What the hell!  They were all short sentences.  You go, girl!

Jill1:  Love 'ya, baby! 

Jill1:  Oh, I have to give you a copy of this interview by Laura Barton from "The Guardian" with Brandon where he says: "The only thing I had ever known was trying to play like other people, but the blues guys were doing something new, they were inventing. There's a naivety about blues guitar playing that makes it hard to imitate. They'd bend notes but not do it perfectly. When they play, it's so much from the heart not the hands - it's not just about skill."  and

"I also picked up from blues this other quality that was scuffed, scruffy, flappy. It's hearing a person actually play guitar. Not like rock music, where if someone's performing a scale you can hear they're thinking it, not playing it."

"They say that in order to play the blues you have to sell your soul to the devil or be down and out, which is kind of true. It's the hardest thing to maintain, that naivety and that soul. Even the great blues players got worse as they got older, as they got more money. But that's just evolution. When you're young you can't help but play from the heart: you've nothing to lose."

Jill2:  Oh, that's fantastic!  That's true about life, in general, isn't?  "Playing from the heart, you've got nothing to lose." Love!

For the entire "The Guardian" interview, click here:Play from the Heart Brandan Benson

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