Saturday, November 23, 2013

Day 333. Makeup Monster in My Purse (SOLD)

Holly probably wouldn't have even noticed the barely perceptible movement of her purse if her friend hadn't been late.  She was simply gazing absentmindedly at it on the table, wondering what could be keeping her normally prompt lunch date.

At first she thought her mind was playing tricks on her, but wait!  There it was again--a very slight trembling, a little bit of a quiver of her Kate Spade clutch.  It wasn't her iphone on vibrate--that was already sitting on the table.  Could it be a mouse?  Holly fearfully reached forward, and with deft fingers belying their outward tremble, she snapped open her purse and looked inside.

Staring straight back at her was something she thought was an urban myth.  A makeup monster!!  She was applying her Albeit lipstick in "Vermillion" to her misshapen lips.  No wonder the tube seemed to be wearing down more quickly than normal.  There was her NARS blush in "Orgasm" and her smoky Urban Decay eyeshadow in "Oil Slick."  And no monster ever had such dark black, long, glossy lashes by nature.  Now, Holly knew why her Benefit Cosmetics "BADgal Lash Mascara" had been drying out.  She wasn't the culprit leaving the tube slightly unscrewed--it was this invading creature's fault.  And the gall it had--why it was wearing her missing pink pearl earring.  Unbelievable!

Holly's heart softened slightly, because she thought, at least this little monster took pride in her appearance.  But baby, cosmetics were pricey and this little goblin had to go.  Besides, it needed to find some cover-up, something in green perhaps to counteract those red, under-eye bags.

"Honey, I'm going to deposit you in heaven," Holly whispered to her petite green companion.  "We're going to have a little purse dump out in a place called Sephora.  You can thank me later."  The two friends quickly batted their glossy lashes at one another, understanding the need for glamour as only true, makeup fiends can.

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