Saturday, January 31, 2015

Brooklyn Art Library's Sketchbook Project 2015

Hey out there, are you joining in on The Brooklyn Art Library's Sketchbook Project for 2015?  This time around, my theme is "Ladders."  Here's a little look at the front and back covers.

Front Cover

Back Cover

I really struggled with choosing a subject, and almost went with "Circa."  Gawl darnit!  I mean, I can think of 20 things I would do with that now.  Oh well, one step at a time...Ladders--get it? Ah, ha, ha!

I've been participating in The Sketchbook Project since 2010-2011.  Here they are in order:

My first--I think there were 80 pages in this one and I filled it to capacity.  Sketchbooks after this year had about 30 pages.  This one is called "Coffee and Cigarettes."  I'm not a smoker girl, but I love Jim Jarmusch's quirky, independent film, "Coffee and Cigarettes" SO much, that I was OBLIGATED to make it my theme.  Anyway, up to this point, that one is my favorite.  Super loaded with words and drawings.

"Coffee and Cigarettes"

Oh, and guess what?  Here's my tribute to director Jim Jarmusch within this baby.  I talk about seeing his great film, "Mystery Train" at the Art Theater (where Roger Ebert used to have his annual film festivals. Chaz, his wife, continues the tradition).  Ah, memories.  

And P.S., do you remember my recent painting called "Picasso Baby" inspired by Jay Z's song of the same name?  Well click here and go back to it, and you can watch the video of it.  Jim Jarmusch is IN that video, too.

I completed two more in 2012: "Sandwich (I dubbed it "Sandwich & Sandwiched Between") and "The Last Word Spoken."  A piece from the latter was included in a published 5-volume set called "The Sketchbook Project - Limited Edition."


Here's two tidbits from "Sandwich" - "Sandwiched between work and home":

Below: Based on a real sandwich:  The Twinkie Wiener:

"The Last Word (ever, ever, ever, ever) Spoken"

Here's a few selections from this one (I figured I'd include some of the most memorable words every spoken as well. That's the instance of my inclusion of Coco from "Ice Loves Coco."  By the way, where did that show go?)

Below is the Sketchbook Project's "Limited Edition."  I have all volumes. My piece is in Volume 5.

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