Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day 8 of 30 Purple Door Weathered Cobble

Purple Door, Weathered Cobble

Tired, tired, tired.  Early this morning I read a review of Glenn Kurtz's, Practicing: A Musician’s Return to Music from one of my favorite websites, "Brain Pickings."

I read these quotes from Kurtz (in reference to practicing music) and thought, continue, Jill.

Limitation is the condition of our lives. What matters — what allows us to reach beyond ourselves, as we are, and push at the boundaries of our ability — is that we continue. But then everything depends on how we practice, what we practice.
I sit down to practice the fullness of my doubts and desire, my fantasies and flaws. Each day I follow them as far as I can bear it, for now. This is what teaches me my limits; this is what enables me to improve. I think it is the same with anything you seriously practice, anything you deeply love.

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  1. Great quotes.. your timing is perfect! Great stonework, and details.