Thursday, January 22, 2015

Chicken in the Corn - Brushy One String

Do you know the song, "Chicken in the Corn" made famous by Jamaican Reggae singer Brushy One String (Andrew Chin)?  I came across this about a year ago, probably after the first 3 million people had already seen it. ha!

Anyway, it is the catchiest tune ever, but what is truly amazing is the music this man gets out of his one-string guitar.  I mean, it is incredible.  Just try to get the tune out of your head once it's happy lyrics are implanted there--c'est imposible!  I thought I'd make a painting inspired by the song while listening to the song.  Worked for me. (-;

(This piece is heavy with oil paint.  I made it last week, but was trying to let it dry a bit.)

Oil and Acrylic

Brushy One String - "Chicken in the Corn" (From Luciano Blotta's RiseUp Movie)


  1. Catchy... shared it with some musicians I know. Cool piece... so is your chicken playing guitar int the corn? ha ha ha