Sunday, January 4, 2015

Day 4 of 30 Eye to the Apple

Eye To The Apple

Philomena gave her apple a crunch
one bite down, a little snack to munch,
But something didn't seem quite right
with this red orb, 
a sourness was afoot,
a strange flavor, that to this discerning lady, did very much off-put.

What a complete disappointment! 
Her diet now had a gustatory fly in the ointment. 
Was it a sign to eat a sugary sweet...
was her willpower really that desperately weak?

"No, I will persevere! 
My tongue may already be accosted
my hunger irretrievably frosted,
but with my sight this problem I must grapple."
She raised her glove-covered arm and put her eye to the apple.