Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 44. "You Parted Your Hair Differently" (No Longer Available)

Here's another gal that's one of a kind. My friend Cassie Bruce is funny and smart as a whip. And see, she has one of those sharp, quick-witted minds--like acid laced with honey. (-;  Cutting edge, man, but a heart of gold.  Watch out for Cassie, world, she's the type that people underestimate, and she's got more going on than anyone knows.

My friend Shelley says we're like that, too.  That people underestimate us and don't realize that we're smart, because we laugh a lot.  I'm laughing now!  Boy, could we/I sound any vainer? ¡Dios Mio! (I'm going to leave the admission, though, because sometimes that's what good friends say to each other.)  But, Shelley, Cassie, and I like being "Columbo-like" (hmm, the 2nd time I've mentioned Columbo is this blog.  One of my childhood idols?  Perhaps, so!)  I was little, little when my mom used to watch Peter Falk fumble and mumble his way through investigations.  People always slipped and told him little snippets of details that would skewer them like a shish kebob in the end, because they thought he was dumb-dee-dumb-dumb.

It's like being a Rocky.  And while I drew and painted and wrote tonight, I cued up "Rocky" on my computer and watched/listened to it.  I like tender-hearted underdogs.  Maybe because I'm feeling that way right now...or maybe it's because I see people like Cassie, working 2 jobs, raising a little girl with her man, going to school, and being smarter and more wonderful than people know.

This is a little conversation we had today.  P.S., this looks nothing like Cassie.  ha! (-;

Me:  "Your hair looks cute.  You parted it differently today."
Cassie:  "It was cuter in the morning."
Me:  "What happened?  A hat?  The wind?
Cassie: "Life."

There's all sorts of full-length "Columbo" episodes on YouTube.  Here's just a little peek at him for all you youngsters out there.  I had forgotten that he was always referring to his wife. (-:  I told you, I was just a itty, bitty pipsqueak then!

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