Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 64 Wang Dang Doodle Koko Taylor Dirties Up a Little Rooster (SOLD)

You know how you can often see faces in things where there are no faces?  I do this all the time...in the bathroom floor, in wallpaper swirls, in the rocks in an alley, in trees...um, you get the drift.  Anyway, I "saw/envisioned" a rooster shape in a printed piece of paper.  That made me want to paint a rooster, but this baby just looked too sweet and cute.

I thought of Koko Taylor singing "Wang Dang Doodle."  Now, I saw Koko Taylor 3 times.  Once in college; once at Kingston Mines in Chicago (2548 N. Halsted, peeps); and the other time at the Chicago Blues Fest. (I am too young to have ever seen Howlin' Wolf rip it up.)  Anyway, I had to interject a little dirty blues onto this thing so I added a few of the songs lyrics and ran my fingers--lightly coated with black paint--over the surface.  I think it gave it a little bit of a letterpress print feel.  Anyway, nothing too complex, but here ya' go--a nice little dirty rooster.  It's cute.

An example of me seeing faces in things--From my 2nd Sketchbook for the Brooklyn Art Library--"Sandwich and Sandwiched Between"

Here's Koko Taylor and Howlin' Wolf servin' up a version of "Wang Dang Doodle."

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