Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 60. Tied Up in Cerulean Blue $25

Well, I had 2 canvases I prepped for tonight.  As I waited for them to dry, I made myself a nice cup of hot tea.  I carried the tea in one hand and a glass of water for my paints in the other.  Now, I keep my beagle, Ebert, out of my art room, because it can only come to no good.  However, my two hands were full, and I couldn't keep my boy from running in.  No problem yet.  I tried to cajole him out.  He came forward and retreated--he's smart--and apparently good at the fox trot...step forward and step back.  Suddenly he stopped the dance and started rubbing his neck on...something.  What was it?  I look, and then I freeze.

Nooooooooo!  He had somehow dislodged the top off of a paint tube.  And not just some watery, easily removable paint.  Only the best paint for my dog.  Winsor & Newton Galeria Cerulean Blue Hue.  Nice, thick acrylic paint all over.  I took a quick picture of the tube, but it looked so innocent, like it was a tiny squish of paint.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of it was all over Ebert.  His white chest was now bright blue.  Blue paw prints trotted out my art room and down the hall.  I managed to grab him and got him into the bathroom.  My orange pants, purple top, boots, bathtub, and wall now covered with blue paint, too.  Luckily the hat that I was wearing for some reason remained unscathed.  Forty-five minutes later, I collapsed back in my chair, took a sip of now, ice cold tea, and started painting my Friday night.  Oh, Ebert!


  1. I gotta say, I'm loving your blog. And the fact that you have beagle love at your house too. I LOVE my beagle boy. How is it that they can be so darn cute & those ears, I love those so soft ears.

    1. Thank you so much, Chris! Your comment really does mean a lot to me. It's a good thing those beagles are sooooooooooooooooo cute! My mom calls him Dennis the Menace--always getting into something, but then he looks at you with those eyes (and ears!) and you just can't help, but love him and forgive him--and give him a hug--the little stinker! ha! I love him, gosh darn it! (-: