Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 63. Adrien Brody

I'm working on a magazine submission so it has taken all my time today.  Still (I want to say "todavía" in Spanish), here's my drawing for the day.  A quick sketch of the beautiful Adrien Brody.  Well, I think he's beautiful!.  Oscar winner (Best Actor) for "The Pianist"; kisser of Halle Berry at the Oscars (isn't this great that I'm tying it all in with past Oscar shows since it was on yesterday--more on THAT tomorrow!); great as Salvador Dalí in "Midnight in Paris"; nasty (mmm hmmm) in 2001's "Love the Hard Way."  Heck, he even makes a Gillette razor commercial too hot to handle.  Ha!  O.k., here ya' go.

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