Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 57. Say Hello to My Little Knitting Friend SOLD

This is my friend, Yvonne Glasch.  In the last year, we've probably been at 5 art shows together.  She is a knitting dynamo.  I mean, the woman simultaneously knits standing up while talking to people and walking around.  One night she went home, studied some knitting pattern on the computer, and the next day had 6 long boot socks made within about a 1/2 an hour of the show's second-day opening.  Hats, scarves, mittens, boot cuffs, berets, you name it, she's got it.  She was a hairdresser for over 30 years and now she's accessorizing hairdos.  And one final thing, Yvonne is a real broad.  A fabulous woman who knows what she wants and has "things she wants to do."

I mean, I just couldn't figure out how she could fly through all these skeins of yarn and whip out high-quality product with the speed she does.  THAT IS, UNTIL the following little exchange occurred:

I said, "Yvonne, let me take your picture."  
And she replied, "Oh, let me wipe this powdered sugar from my cookie off of my nose."

WHAT!?!?!?!?!  Where was this so-called cookie?! Powdered sugar, eh?  Speedy hands of knitting wonder finally explained!  (-; 

Ha! ha!  Just kiddin' folks. As far as I know, the only lines Yvonne did were knitting lines. (-;  And she's such a good sport--she agreed to this story for the sake of art.  See what a grand dame she is?  I'm still going to call her Antonia Montana.  (Surely you know, Tony Montana from "Scarface.")

P.S.  The little Tool Close-Up circle holds Yvonne's weapon of choice.  Bamboo knitting needles that knit in a circular pattern.  Now, I know nothing about knitting, but I think it is so cool how every field--knitting, painting, drawing, jewelry-making, hydraulics, etc--how everything has tools and vocabulary and it's own world associated with it.  Isn't that so neat?  (-:

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  1. Yvonne is a talented and beautiful wommon. I envy anyone who can take a thread and make a fantasy. I find wearing scarves even in summer fun - you never know if the air conditioning will be tooo much!! And...I got my favorite hosta from Yvonne - many thanks - Marie Yvonne