Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 65. How to Make Snow Ice Cream - Magically Delicious!

That darn "Top Chef" finale.  I had to watch it, and it has made me stay up late.  I won't give away the winner, but I will give you a magical recipe.

Since snow is still flurrying around here, it's time to grab a fresh bowl of whiter than white snow and make yourself some snow ice cream.  This recipe comes from my Grandpa Peacock, and it really, truly tastes like that old-fashioned, homemade ice cream.  We used to crank and crank that ice cream machine in the summer.  Then we would put towels and rugs--the kind of multi-colored, lightweight, braided rugs you used to have to lay down on the floor in kindergarten and take a nap on for 30 minutes.  I hated those "nap" times.  I would just pretend to sleep, and think to myself, when will this be over?  A thought quite unsurprising considering my decision at 2 years of age to stop taking any naps, whatsoever (or so my mom tells me).

Back to the ice cream--ha!--which then would be placed under a shady tree.  Oh, the agony of waiting for the ice around the metal canister to thicken and chill that delicious concoction inside.  It was so worth the wait--so delicious--EXCEPT, all that work, and it seemed like it was gone lickety-split!  Everyone wanted a bowl!

With snow ice cream, however, you're only limited by the amount of fresh, clean available snow.

Whiter than white, let no yellow alight. 
(I just made that up.) (-;

In other words, keep the diggity dogs clear of your main ingredient!

O.K. so here we go.  Mix together in a bowl, the following:

4 egg yolks OR 2 eggs
2 cups of half and half or heavy whipping cream  
(milk doesn't have enough richness--or use WHOLE milk in a pinch--but you shouldn't really)
1 c or up to 1 1/2 cups of sugar
3 Tablespoons of vanilla

Mix it all up until well incorporated.  Add enough fresh, clean snow to get the correct slushy consistency.  You will not believe how closely this mimics homemade ice cream!!!

Now, we used 4 egg yolks** without the whites.  I looked online to see how my memory matched up with any current recipes, and the closest one to mine said to use 2 regular eggs.  I like using just the egg yolks--it gives the ice cream a beautiful yellow color and a rich, french vanilla flavor.  

**O.K., here's the big disclaimer:  We used raw eggs folks.  People are FREAKED OUT by this.  In my lifetime I have eaten gobs of raw cookie dough, raw pie crusts (with egg in it), and raw ice cream and I'm still alive.  STILL, eat raw eggs at your own risk.  I don't want anyone to die of salmonella poisoning and then pointing their finger at me from the grave.  Consider yourself warned!

Here's Paula Dean's egg-free version from the Food Network website:
 8 cups snow or shaved ice
1 (14-ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Place snow or shaved ice into a large bowl.  Pour condensed milk over and add vanilla.  Mix to combine.  Serve immediately in bowls.


Mmmm.  You're going to love me for this one.  However, I had another childhood recipe that may have made me a millionaire!  I was sitting out in my grandparents' front yard with a bowl in front of me, and my grandpa told me it was time to come inside.  I told him, "Not yet, I'm making witch's brew."  He asked me what was in it.  I said, "Witch's brew."  Of course!  Anyway, I ended up spilling this deadly mixture onto the lawn.  My grandpa said he wished he knew what I put into that stuff, because it killed the grass off and nothing grew in its spot for 5 years.  True story.  What they heck were they letting me play with? ha!  Ah, the unsupervised childhood freedom of the '70's!

Now, get back to that ice cream!

By the way, that's a tongue sticking out of my mouth catching snow flakes, NOT a set of duck lips--you'll see better in person. (-:  Should have taken this at another angle, but I'm too tired to fix.

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