Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 46. Stocking Hat Loves Baby Powder

Do you think the use of baby powder rises significantly on Friday mornings?  Not because babies need their diapers changed more frequently that day or there is a preponderance of diaper rash breaking out.  It's because we're tired, ladies, and that last day of the week...

we sleep in a little too long, and 
the clock is ticking, and 
our hair is a little greasy, but not too bad, and 
the baby powder is just staring at us, and
Angelina Jolie puts a little in her hair, and
so does Rebecca Romijn, and
they look fantastic, so
why wouldn't I?

And so it goes, but somehow I never end up looking like a super model.  Instead, I have a whitish cast to my hair that still ends up looking limp by the end of the day.

So, I go to have dinner with a friend at a local Chinese restaurant.  I took off that stocking hat (or do you say cap?).  I'm thinking now, what a good friend, to stare at that hair for a few hours and not say, "Good gracious me, girl, get some dry shampoo and a curling iron out."  Anyway, we sat and talked forever, and then I came into the house and looked into the mirror, and lo and behold, my stocking cap was sticking off my head EXACTLY as depicted below.  I mean, it was one phenomenal, crazy, crooked, knitted creation rivaling "The Cat in the Hat."  I burst out laughing!  What the heck?  And complete with baby-powdered, strangly hair.  What a sight!  If I just added maple syrup and matted it a little, I would totally be on my way to the land of dreads!

La, la, la.  So, I had a completely different painting in mind for today as I walked into the house, but this one usurped it.  Kept my cap on the entire time I painted and wrote--have to feel the passion on my head.  I love the watery pink background on this one.  It reminds me of when you are coloring Easter eggs with those little tablets and vinegar, and you're so excited to see the color changing that you take the egg out with your hexagon-shaped copper wire lifter before the color fully adheres to the white shell.  Watery pink.  Dreamy background for stocking hat loving baby powder.

I fiddled with the dark blue on the cap after I took the pic--I like the shading on it better now, but I'm running out of time, peeps.  No time to post the updated one.  Still love it!  Mwah!

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