Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 56 Feline Gas Emissions-Brussels Sprout Style

For our recent anniversary, my husband and I headed to Wisconsin for a couple of concerts (Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits was one) and an art show.  We always take our cat, Norman, along on overnight trips, because he needs 2 insulin shots a day.

Here is Norman's story.  Kenny had been leaving food outside for him for some time.  One snowy November night in 2004, K. was lying on the couch recovering from surgery when he heard scratching in the food bowl outside. He opened our door, and there was Norman.  We had never been able to get close to him, but this time he came in from the snowy cold.  Now Norman is a BIG cat.  The biggest one we personally have come across--not just heavy (top weight was 23 lbs.), but, long legs/big-bodied overall.  We could feel bumps on top of his head and around his eyes, which we later found out were a spray of shots from a BB-gun.  We ended up having 9 BBs removed--incredibly, none had hit his huge, beautiful green eyes.  Anyway, that's the sad part.  The happy part is, we had him in our possession when we realized he had diabetes, and he is now healthy, happy, lazy, and incredibly spoiled.

AND, apparently, GASEOUS!  As we were driving along in our little truck, Kenny with coffee in hand and I with book, we suddenly smell the absolute worse smell!  Here's how it went down.


Kenny:  "Did you fart?"
Me:  "No, did you?"
Kenny:  "No..."
Kenny and I simultaneously:  "NORMAN!"
Me:  "It smells like Brussels Sprouts!  Since when do cats fart?  We're sooooo lucky!"

Actually, we're very lucky to have Norman...just not his gas bombs!

 Norman in the hotel room:

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