Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 346. She Saw The Signs Like A One-Two Punch SOLD

Esmeralda saw the signs like a one-two punch, for she was a smart girl, and rather perceptive.

Really, it was her own fault, because she was quite honest and let her vulnerability show.

She could even see the other side of it; how she may appear to be too eager to express her feelings, but unfortunately for her, she knew no other way, always both a blessing and a curse, this tender heart.

She really was, the most normal of people, but once a perception is cast, often there is no possibility of recast.

She knew this, because she had been miscast and misinterpreted before.  It always stung, she couldn't even say it stung less.  But she could admit, she was becoming more used to it, and knew that it was possible to go on, quieter, disappearing.

And so, she wrapped up within herself, embarrassed by her admission.  Not wanting to hold onto that feeling, she knelt on the floor, leaned back into a yoga pose, and breathed out all those chagrined and self-conscious thoughts.  "Let...It...Go," her breath and mind pleaded, and she really tried.

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