Monday, December 23, 2013

Day 364. Vinyl Man (No Longer Available)

What I'm about to write is definitely not what I intended for today, but inspiration comes upon you at the drop of the hat so one must me open!

Back in my U of IL college days, yes, indeed, I was a freshman in 1983(!), I brought my entire record collection to school.  It was massive and grew much more massive through those years as I would spend any extra money I had at the wonderful and dingy "Record Swap" on Green Street   (and Record Service across the street).  Record Swap was the epitome of Indie and used records.  You would walk up this old flight of stairs to fluorescent music euphoria. It had that old book/cardboard smell. If you have the time, read this GREAT 2-part story on the store's glory days (part two having some fantastic memories of former employees).  Record Swap - The History of a Local Legend.

So loyal was my heart to dropping the needle down on a black, spinning disk, that when Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band's "Live 1975-1985 (5 LP BOX SET)" came out at the height of Springsteen's popularity, I went with the albums.  Now, mind you, that was pretty pricey at that time, and I had to make the right choice.  CD's were still in their infancy, and touted for their far superior sound quality.  However, I remember telling a friend at the time that I "didn't want to be a CD slut" so I went with the classic choice!  Now, of course, everyone says CDs are dead and it's all about VINYL!  Of course, I still call them albums, which ages me without giving away my college going years.  Records I used to get for $2.97 now go for $100--crazy how the wheel, or should I say turntable, goes around. 

Now we're coming to the inspiration point.  O.K., so I share this love of vinyl music, not only with my husband, but with my high school friend, Donny as well, although he is the most aggressive collector of albums now.  I had mentioned Don Keeley back on Day 327 (Global Storms Are Breaking Us)  when he lost his home, except for one wall of albums, to a tornado that swept through Washington, IL.

Stay with me peeps!  His friend (who my friend Cindy and I met when all 4 of us went to a Black Crowe's concert) Todd Clanin, put on the following shindig, for Donny last night.  Can you imagine?  They told him his remaining wall was on fire to get him out to this impromptu Christmas party in the freezing cold night.  I told Donny that he was a modern-day George Bailey.  Look at what his friends did for him (click link below picture--it's great)!  Now THAT is showing the Christmas spirit!  It makes a person's heart grow three sizes!  Merry Christmas!  Here's a pic. of his intact house before we all headed off for the Black Crowes.

Click here:

UPDATE:  Here's another article on Don, approximately 14 months later, as he finally returns to his home address, now with a new home, but with his classic record collection in tow.
Peoria Journal Star - Don Keeley Returns Home.

The 5 Record set back in the day--one of my last, first-release album purchases.

"COVER ME" from that great set, which I originally had posted is no longer available I see.  Here's the "Born in the USA" version:

A sight from days gone by...!


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