Sunday, December 1, 2013

Free Art - FLOOD the Streets with Art! Event (No Longer Available)

I participated in Scott Wong's "Flood the Streets with Art" on Friday, November 29th, 2013, by leaving a piece of art outside the gallery where I had an exhibit inside.  I just happened to his event on my FB event page that same day!
Here's my piece of art from Day 121, Clive Loved His Tin Ceiling.  It was gone when we left. (-:

Scott is out of Wisconsin (FB page:, but here's a piece in the "Alaska Dispatch"" newspaper about the event.

Flood the Streets with Art, an anti-Black Friday event

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The free art event, Flood the Streets with Art, has gone viral across the nation after event organizer Scott Wong started spreading the word on Facebook.
The anti-Black Friday event is encouraging artists of all kinds to give their art away for free on Nov. 29, also known as Black Friday.
"Think about the volume of art that could be dropped on the streets and the sheer volume of random acts of kindness... all on Black Friday. The day of the year where the worst comes out in everyone and greed runs rampant through the veins of spenders," said Wong on the Facebook event page.
Every state in the U.S. is being encouraged to get involved.

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  1. I participated in this as well. I found it FB two hours after Scott created the event. I don't agree that this was an anti-Black Friday event. This was an event for artists to give of themselves on a day when there seems to be a lot of negative press covering people who are greedily disregarding the sentiment of Thanksgiving the day before. A chance do r the press to cover a good thing that is taking place. Unfortunately, the media was more concerned with covering one incident that happened in one Walmart than they were with thousands of artists around the world being generous with their talents.