Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 358. She Felt Herself Aging at These Holiday Parties

Oh, how she didn't want to be there!  Claudette felt herself aging at these holiday parties. Idle chatter drained her circulation faster than her support hose.  She was a natural introvert and the only way she could tolerate these tiresome festivities was to find a chair in the corner and to drink as many peppermint patties as possible.  They simultaneously calmed her nerves yet delivered a jolt of energy, giving her the appearance of wide-eyed involvement.

However, her undoing was the incessant picture taking.  With every smile, she felt as if pieces of herself were falling to the floor.   Her eyes darted around the room quickly, and she eyed a decanter of single-malt scotch.  Ah, that would help her make it through the evening.  She knew it was wrong to depend on alcohol for bravery, but once December was over, she would revert to quiet nights at home with her Darjeeling tea.

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