Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day 362. Wedding Details (SOLD)

True story.  Super sweet friends of mine saw the wedding of their daughter this past summer.  Relaxing before the walk down the aisle was to commence, the minister approached mother and daughter, sitting on a couch and sharing this joyous, precious moment together.

He asks, "Alecia, can I see your license?"
The bride replies, "Oh sure, my driver's license?"
The minister swallows hard, "No, your wedding license."
The bride says brightly, "Was I supposed to buy that somewhere?"
The mother-of-the-bride gasps, "Oh my Lord!" (but really it was spicier than that. (-;)

The wedding took place, despite the hitch (ha!), and all that legal stuff was taken care of in a brief, later ceremony.  Details, details!  Who can keep track?! (-;

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